With the FAs introduction of small sided games, the East London & Essex Junior Football league near St George in the East launched in 1998, co founded by Joe Long & former QPR player Peter Hucker.

We have teams travel from all over Essex & London including St George in the East.

Initially launched as a 7Aside League the ELE League progressed into 11Aside games in 2000, known as the league with a difference as all League and Cup Fixtures are played from the same venue each week of the football season.

Currently operating and running Leagues from Under 7s through to Under 16/17s based at Wanstead Flats and Ford Sports Club, Newbury Park near St George in the East.

The concept of the League makes Junior Football hassle free for all involved, providing one venue, neutral officials, fixtures, governance & management along with training and coach development.

Endorsed by former England International Rio Ferdinand. so if you require FA Youth League St George in the East you have come to the right place!

St George-in-the-East is an Anglican Church dedicated to Saint George and one of six Hawksmoor churches in London, England. It was built from 1714 to 1729, with funding from the 1711 Act of Parliament. Its name has been used for two forms of parish (areas of land) surrounding, one ecclesiastical which remains and one a Civil counterpart, a third tier of local government. The latter assisted public facilities in the late 19th century but ceded its dwindling purposes to the Metropolitan Borough of Stepney so was abolished in 1927. The church was designated a Grade I listed building in 1950.

In the 1850s, Archibald Campbell Tait, then Bishop of London, appointed a Low Church lecturer, which was contrary to the High Church attitude of the rector and curate. As a protest, there were catcalls and horn blowing, and some male members of the congregation went into the church smoking their pipes, keeping their hats on, and leading barking dogs. Refuse was thrown onto the altar. The church was closed for a while in 1859, and the rector, owing to his poor health, was persuaded by the author Tom Hughes to hand over his duties to a locum.

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